Freestyle uni

Well, I’m looking to get a little more into freestyle and I have an LX that works ok I think, but the rim is WAY bent and the seat is about to fall apart, let alone I’ve had to change to change the cranks like 4 times because they were stripped. So what is a good freestyle uni that I can get that isn’t too expensive and will be pretty strong?

Sometimes people confuse street unicycling and freestyle unicycling. From the description of the parts you’ve destroyed it sounds like what you actually mean is street or trials riding. What exactly is it that you are looking to do on your uni? I apologize if you actually do mean freestyle but people generally don’t ruin parts like that while riding freestyle.

Yeah, they have a nimbus isis at, that is a strong freestyle. You seem to want something more like this

Where did the nimbus trials go?!

No I meant freestyle. Before I got my trials I used my LX for everything and jumping a 5 stair doesn’t work out well on it. That’s how everything got so messed up. I might be willing to just get everything fixed…but I do use it for a little street and I was wondering how a more expensive freestyle uni would be any better.

i’d just get a new lx for freestyle, they hold up well on flat ground. but if you want to spend 250 dollars on something better, go with the nimbus x freestyle.

I was about to post this link… for sure the way to go if you dont want a splined hub and cranks.