Freestyle tricks on a Trials uni

Hey. lately i have been doing some street riding and i love it… right now i have a bedford light trials uni… now i would like to do more “showy” tricks… would it make a big difference if i got a freestysle unicycle so i could do even harder freestyle tricks?? or is it just a bit better??

any one??

It depends on what tricks you want to do. Trials tires are not good for spins and such, and some stuff gets easier when the crown is close to the tire, but for most skills a trials uni is probably ok.

for most basic freestyle skills, a trials uni is fine…but for stand up skills, and spins, a freestyle unicycle would be better. if you’re not doing completely freestyle riding though, a street uni will work fine.

Yeah, it depends what freestyle you are doing. Freestyle unis are good for stuff mainly because they are really light and manuverable. You can do alot of freestyle on a trials uni but if you were really into it then you should get a freestyle uni. Freestyle unis generally have shorter cranks than trials unis which helps in some skills. So, if you are just starting freestyle stuff your trials uni is fine but if you get better and you want to do stuff like stand up wheel walk and pirouettes then you should get a freestyle uni.

Edit: James Potter beat me to it.

are you sure youre a level 8 unicyclist dude? cuz most of the more advanced riders dont ask questions they can answer themselves ya know.

I honestly don’t believe anyone could do the full three revolution pirouette required on level eight on a trials unicycle. From my brief experiences with trials unicycles, I would say they are very bad for freestyle riding, especially in the tire and pedals and cranks. Short cranks really make some freestyle tricks a lot easier, like coasting, spins, and side ride. You need pedals that let your feet slide around so you can make adjustments for things like the heel kick up from seat drag in back. A high pressure freestyle tire is a must for spins and pirouettes, and really helps with steering of all types. Trials riders also tend to put their seats very low, and most freestyle tricks work better with a fairly high saddle.

I don’t think buying a freestyle unicycle would magically transform your riding ability, but it would make certain things easier in the long run.

I think you’re mistaken there. You must mean street riders, because most trial riders (Those that prefer seat in front anyhow) put their seats as high as is comfortable, in order to minimize the bending of your back involved in grabbing your seat.Still, I wouldn’t want to do freestyle on my Qu-ax trials uni… Then again, I wouldn’t want to do freestyle at all.

I can barely keep a spin going on my kh24, and I consider it one of my most solid skills. Granted, I haven’t had much practice, but I’m agreeing with jsm when I don’t think that you can get to level 8 without a high pressure tire, or… well. I guess it’s probably possible, but most everyone would have switched to a higher-pressure tire by that point.

It may not quite magically transform your ability, but it comes damn close.

Before I ever tried a freestyle uni I had never done a proper spin before, much less a pirouette. When I first hopped on a freestyle it blew my mind that within the first hour I was easily doing spins and every once in awhile got a pirouette down. It sure seemed like magic to me.