[freestyle]short clip

Yesterday I made a short film. Two hours of shooting, and editing on the evening. I can do better, but I don’t have time enough and I liked the concept of doing a short vidéo, in a very short time.
Link : http://vimeo.com/6769197

nice flatland

nice freestyle

nice video

Hahaha, that little boy wanted a lower seat :stuck_out_tongue:

Was very impressed by the slow, slow coast from 0:27 to 0:31!

I love watching your riding but I admit to missing the creative intro sequences some of your longer videos have had.

You might consider more visually appealing locations, and watch the backlighting as it makes it hard to see what you are doing.

I can do a slower coast ^^ !
I know I can do an effort for the background, but there is the only good location I can ride on my village, and I hasn’t time enough to go at another place for this video. I know this vidéo is very very not perfect. I wish I do a “good” video, with good filming, good location, good camera, and good editing ! But I don’t have time and means.
And thanks for your comments.

(My english is very bad… you can correct me, I want to make progress, for my exam at the end of the year !^^ )