Freestyle Shoes


I was wondering what a good pair of shoes would be for indoor freestyle tricks like this?

Thanks for your input!


It depends what your focusing on, if it’ wheel walk tricks ( not including stand up wheel walking) then you’ll want shoes with thinner souls so you can feel what your doing when learning (i’d recomend using thin souls until you master backwards wheel walking). If your going to be doing a lot of gliding then you will want cheap replacable shoes until you move on. If your doing more stand-up coasting and wheel walking you will want thicker souls because otherwise you’re feet will be in a lot of pain, after not much practise! That’s my experience, i’m inerested to hear what others is!?

Thanks for the advice Sam. Does anyone know of any good brands of thin soled shoes?

Converse All stars are pretty popular around here. They’re a bit thin for my sore feet, though.

I prefer Adidas special for freestyle riding. Converse allstars are quite nice, but you can’t pick up dragseat in back, if you are riding these.

I know a girl who uses these (Pro-specs) for freestyle and the look quit nice :smiley: (They’re made for kung fu :P)

All the japanese unicyclist normaly use this shoes They are just made for freestyle unicycling. They have a very thin sole so you can ,feel´´ the tyre very well. Some freestyle unicyclist here in germany use them, but they are very hard to get.

Arh they’re cool. A lot of people on Danish freestyle team (DFT) are using these.

Thanks for all the great info everyone, it is MUCH appreciated! I think I will try a pair of these

Kazuhiro Shimoyama uses those, so I bet they’re good.

what is the name of the shoes