I want a good pedals for my unicycle of freestyle,
What does pedals I buy???

sorry by my English!!! :slight_smile:

torker LX plastics. the very best for freestyle.

try to buy them off someone on these forums.

lots of people like the odessy twisted plastics. big, grippy, and gym safe.

I really like the Miyata Freestyle pedals (see here). They have just the right amount of grip and are durable enough for serious freestyle. Since you are in Europe you could probably order from (see above) or . Of course some standard plastic pedals for 6 € would do the job as well, but they get loose pretty quick and the Miyata definetly “feel” better (I switched to them some month ago).

thank you very much to all!!! :slight_smile:

my unicycle came with united deluxe non marking and i have really grown to like them. mind you those miyatas look nice, as do most things made by miyata :stuck_out_tongue:

These are the best:

Only 15 bucks too.

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KHE Stimulatorz

The best freestyle pedals I have tried but I’m not a big fan of freestyle riding


Which are the best for freestyle? :thinking: 1, 2 or 3?

thank you very much!!!:wink:

i like those too


These are the best:

i am quite partial to these

thanks about yours opinions!!!:wink: