[Freestyle] North Bend

Panther Pride Unicycle Team at North Bend, WA

A few of us from Seattle visited North Bend for a “clinic”, which included a trials course, a muni ride, and a freestyle demo by the students. Its amazing what they’re teaching kids these days! :slight_smile:

For some reason Vimeo didn’t do HD, so if you really want it, you can signin and download it. Or you can watch the silent version on youtube.

Hehey! I’m there! I didn’t know I was going to be in a video…

In any case, nicely done.

Oh hey, Pele… I think I recognize you! You did the Street demo and are the one in red yes? Well done!
You should join us for a ride in Seattle sometime. GasWorks would be right up your alley


haha your creepy crawler sticks out like a sore thumb.

Nice video! But the music was horrible xD.

Hah, it’s funny how gasworks has become the Seattle unicyclist hangout area. Do you not live in Vancouver, as your thing says? In any case, yes, a ride in Gasworks would be lovely sometime.

The disco girls were a big hit and this 80’s ‘hit’ song was a good match.

I’ve moved to Kirkland, but still visit Vancouver/vanuni alot for the food, family and muni.
GasWorks seems like the best ride in Seattle. But I’m still searching…

Vimeo says the reason the vid was SD is I posted “still standing” 6 days ago. erg. So here’s a Facebook version in HD. With audio :slight_smile:

Wow! Great video and it looks like every unicyclist on the planet showed up! :smiley:

I like it.

Lol i like the song. Was on a cky video.

Veeeeerrrry nice :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m glad to see someone made a video of the clinic! I had planned on doing it but I got too involved in riding! I was in the street session too!(the one with the bandana and hoodie on) You wouldn’t happen to have caught the part where I rode backwards on the skinny on film would you? I wanted to see that.

Yeah, did you also by chance catch my outfifth down the 2 set box in the street jam?

Sorry I missed that. You must be the one with the toque in the picture.
Hopefully we’ll cross paths again… great demo!

doh! I hate it when that happens.

thanks. we dont see enough freestyle.
I suspect theres way more freestyle going on, but we just dont see it on film.

I complained, and Vimeo actually emailed back. I’d posted an HD video 6 days earlier. doh!

Sorry no. But that was amazing… I’ve never seen that live. I couldnt believe you landed that!
Your demo was toward the end of a roughly 90 minute show, and I only had 30 minutes of SD memory. So I was frantically deleting photos/clips to make space, and only got the 2 clips from the ‘street’ segment, which I included in their entirety. I double checked, and thats all I got.

You guys came all the way from portland?!

Pele is a local. I came from Portland. haha I stayed for a day before the clinic and a day after.

It’s a bandana but yeah that’s me haha. I plan on heading to the clinic again next year and I’ll be going to Nationals in 45 DAYS!!! maybe I’ll see you then!

Great job on putting that together! As you said, not to many videos of freestyle posted. Am delighted that you had clips of the young riders included. They work pretty hard too and don’t get much ‘press’. They are the next generation of riders that will keep uni growing and maturing. I liked your choice of music, fit together quite nicely with the different clips. Panther Pride is a world class team and your video shows how all levels and styles of riders can work together to put on a performance. Nicely done. :slight_smile: