Freestyle/Flatland 6-15-07

I haven’t been riding too much lately (didn’t ride at all in May and only a little in April), so now that its summer, I’ve been trying to ride some more. Here are a few clips I filmed the other day. Nothing special, but a few cool clips.

Video Link to Gallery
Download Link

Youtube please… otherwise i cant watch it.

I added a download link, try that out.

Sorry for being difficult and all that but I dont have wmv. I have quicktime and can see youtube but not the gallery or wmv… sorry

If you are on a mac download flip4mac then download the movie and it will play in quicktime.

Great Vid Jeff. I liked the 450 unispin from tire to pedals and the backwards coast. Freestyle is good.

I’ve never seen a leg-around while someone is standing on the tire, then again I don’t watch too much freestyle but this was pretty cool.

wow that looks super hard…

24 hour link, hope it works.

I’ve always thought you had good taste in music :wink:

Thanks! wow nice movie. Great stuff.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

My farthest backward coast that I’ve landed is 2 revs, but if I go into from bwd 1ft riding instead of idling, I can go for 4 revs or so (without getting back to the pedals).

the backwards coast was sick! and nice leg around on tire

Loved the leg wrap while on tire, and the backward coast was sick, great riding man, keep it up!

for style i really like the gliding piroutte to stand up looks awesome, also like the backwards coasting and all the coasting just looks so solid and the tyre rap round fing looks gutsy

nice vid, all of us chicago people should get together and ride sometime soon!

:smiley: :sunglasses: :smiley: :sunglasses:


have you tried doing backwards glide with the frame foot overlapping onto the tyre? very good way to build up backwards coast, as opposed to just trying it straight off. then again i havent riden for ages so im not one to talk.

nice vid.

sweet, why havent you been riding lately?

unicycle issues really. should be sorted out very soon.