Freestyle 20"

I’m kind of looking for a freestyle 20". I would really like to find a Miyata freestyle unicycle, if anyone has one collecting dust, but I’m open to whatever.
Thanks. Price range depends on the uni.

Yeah, I pm’d him to see if it was sold, but his profile says he hasn’t been on in a few months. Thanks.

im looking for a flat/ freestyle uni too and it seems no one is selling theirs right now :frowning:

It seems that way, I’m just going to hang in there, be patient, at some point someone might decide to sell one. Fingers crossed, haha. :wink:

fingers crossed:D

anyone interested in a torker cx? more of a learner uni but wanted to ask anyway

Thanks for the offer, but speaking for me not really, but thank you. You should look at this…Unicycles for a school club might be interested.

bump…still looking :astonished: