Freemounting The Giraffe

question time
what do i do to get my left hand out of the way?
i’m practising to freemount a sixfooter
i need to start with my off-foot on the back of the wheel and my right hand holding onto the front of the saddle
my left hand feels most comfortable holding onto the back of the saddle (slightly to the side)
when i get my fav. foot (right) onto the pedal and need to swing my left leg over the machine, i quite often find my left hand clamped quite firmly on the saddle
i know the easiest solution must simply be to LET GO THE SEAT!!! but somehow i can’t get that to happen
any advice?

i’ve also noticed a strain in my right wrist after a couple of hours of practise
is this a know giraffe mounting injury or am i just getting old?


It sounds like you’re mounting from the right side which is probably the chain side. Hold onto the seatpost just under the saddle with your left hand. Consciously remove your left hand when you stand up on the right pedal and thrust the seat under you with your right hand. Wear tight pants that don’t sag at all in the crotch and tuck your shirt in.

I have been doing just what you are doing for the last couple of days. I’m practicing mounting a six-foot Semcycle giraffe. I ache all over but mostly my right hand (the one with which I hold the seat post). I’m saturated with ibuprofen. My approach is probably the mirror image of yours. Right hand to seatpost, left hand to front of seat, right foot on wheel behind frame, step up, left foot on left pedal, mount up. I’m mounting weak-foot but that gets me away from the chain side.

Good luck.

hey, goofyfoot!

good to hear of another rightfooter in the world
thought it was only me
thanx for the advice
will try it as soon as my hand gets back to me
sprained it while coming off on a flight of stairs
and i just thought i had it!!!
i just love losing myself in this kind of practise for hours
probably not the best way to look after a dodgy wrist i guess
i found all sorts of interesting muscle groups esp down the back of my thighs
good workout i guess
i was mounting about 1 in five when i temporarily packed it in
hope to get back to it soon
got a uni-job for thursday nite, acting as a faux-cocktail waiter riding around with a tray filled with glued down glasses
i’m busy saving for my own giraffe so this is handy!
look after u


I had a sprained wrist when I started making my first attempts at giraffe riding. I met a street performer down near the beach that I often travel to. We talked, I let him ride my United, he let me on the giraffe. I didn’t get a chance to freemount it due to my injury, but nontheless I had a good time doing so.