freemount observation from rookie

I have been unicycling 5 mo. and am addicted!! I make myself bicycle twice a week for my wife’s sake. She is an addicted bicyclist. Observation on freemounting…I tried to rush it. I attempted to freemount about 2 months after starting (on a 29er) and mildly injured my back. I became very discouraged and didn’t attempt it again until yesterday. I am a lot better prepared to learn. I am having good success using this method: Learning to Mount a 36er

The biggest key for me in freemounting is the position of your pedals especially when and where your second foot come into play in freemounting. You hop on with your dominant foot; this is not that difficult. Where you catch the pedal with your second foot is crucial. You want to catch the second pedal just past the top so you can get enough momentum from the second pedal so as to pick up the third stroke with your dominant foot to keep up the momentum.

Mike A.

I tried the wheel assisted mount on a 26er, I find it a lot more difficult than a regular static mount.

However, it looks better on the 36er, because the saddle is closer to the wheel. One day, I’m gonna buy one and give it a try :D.

On the 36, wheel assisted is, IMHO, a lot easier than static. However, it gets old grabbing the wheel bending over every time you want to mount.

I learned with the jump mount, then switched to the rolling mount. They’re both a lot cleaner than wheel assisted, and require less energy than the static. They’re more difficult to learn, but worth it in my opinion.