freemount epiphany.

Today I freemounted for the first time.

The guides to doing this weren’t helping me very nuch, I couldn’t get the hang of it.

Put the seat in your crotch.
With the pedals at 9 and 3 o clock, instead of applying light downward pressure to the close pedal as the guide says, apply backward pressure on the same pedal by pointing your toes at the ground. You are effectively pulling the uni into your crotch with your foot. Pull as hard as you like as long as you are pulling straight back the uni stays planted.

Hang your weight far forward over the seat and practice placing your other foot on the forward pedal. After a few tries, hop on up and go.

It helped me and I hope it helps someone else.

interesting method.

i think by ‘light downward pressure’, it meant as light as possible - not that downward pressure is necessary to static mounting.

what i found helped me was to concentrate on lunging forward and putting any weight i needed on the seat rather than the back pedal.

your technique does sound like it brings a higher success rate with the right amount of preparation, but i think you’ll find it’s a bit too slow once you get better at it, and you’ll stop applying that backwards pressure.

Prolly so, but it has worked well to get me started in the right direction as far as mounts go.

with me, the pedals don’t even move much, I just use them as steps to get up. but i do have a problem mounting on flatland, i can do it downhill and offroad, but not flatland pavement.

thats a god giude, although i already know how to ill show this my brother who is still learing