Free shipping started at udc

Use code SHIPMEFREE when buying something at UDC in the US now through the end of December. They also have a Black Friday Sale in effect for the next few days.

nice! free shipping :slight_smile:
What is the black friday sale?
*edit…I see, it starts on the 28th :slight_smile:
I hope a 20", 36", 24", or 26" goes on sale ^.^

Shame it’s not on in the UK as I want to order a couple of small parts.

I think UDC UK shipping is high for small orders.
Seem to be excessive for the size and weight of some of the items. :frowning:

It looks like you got your wish! As for the 36, you might get lucky in the “12 Days of Xmas” Sale.

Especially when the depot/office is only about 20 miles from me :slight_smile:

The few small bits I want only come to about £20 meaning the delivery is about 25%. But thats just life. They sell great quality items and the last bits I bought were well packaged, dispatched quick and communication was great, so it’s worth it.

The problem is that the Royal Mail has changed the way it charges for postage. They now have volume as well as weight constraints. The upshot of that is that anything over 1kg is likely to be cheaper by Parcelforce than by royal mail. This is causing us a lot of problems.


Thanks for this thread! Just bought a new hub and cranks!! Now I’m just waiting for my new rim…which I ordered from Australia a week ago. It’s still in Australia somewhere. :frowning:

I’m eyeing the 20" white regeant…but I am most likely going to wait and save money for a 36"

Is this still happening? I was going to place an order on the UDC website, I put in the “SHIPMEFREE” phrase in the “coupon code” box (the only place it looked like it was applicable), and the shipping charge still appeared. Seems like I’m missing something. How does this work?

I just tried it and it still worked, and it’s still being advertised on the home page. Did you click “Apply Coupon” after you typed in the code? When I do that, the “Home Delivery” charge below “Federal Express” changes to $0.00.

Checking the “Home Delivery” Fedex box to start with must be the key. I had initially checked the UPS box, entered the phrase in the coupon box, hit the “apply coupon” button (and it came back and said the coupon was successfully applied), but then nothing changed.
Well, I’ll try it again another time. I was going to buy some stuff that was also used on bikes, so I just went and bought it on a bike site. (I usually like to give UDC first shot, but I get impatient.)
Thanks for the input!

Just now ordered a 29" trainer from UDC.
Typed in SHIPMEFREE in coupon box
$53.00 shipping dropped to $0.0 for home delivery.
Didn’t even know if it would still work.
Maybe ends at end of month?

That’s what I was told.