Free Parts - saddle, handle

I have two spare parts that I no longer need and thought someone here could find some use for them. Planning on sending them separately unless someone wants both. Just looking for cost of shipping (or local pickup if that happens to work out).

  • Nimbus Gel saddle - front bumper is kinda roughed up. Came with my freestyle uni but I never really liked this seat so it hasn’t seen much use. Has small tear on bottom edge (see pic)

  • Nimbus Shadow curved T-handle - I think I used this only once or twice

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I’d definitely be interested in the saddle!

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I would like the curved T-Handle!

My plan is to (possibly) add it to this saddle post adapter.

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I’ve never seen one of those. How do you mount the post?

I’m not sure. That section sticking out the front looks like it used to be longer, and was cut off at some point prior to me owning it. That section is 22mm in diameter, which may be the same diameter as the Shadow curved handle. If so, I would need to find the correct size tubing to make a “sleeve” to join the two together, using clamps similar to those that come with the Shadow handle (they look like they are small ID seat post clamps).

My original plan was to make a straight handle with a knob on the end, by using tubing that slides over that front tube of the saddle adapter.

If you are asking how the saddle mount attaches to a seat post, it is made to attach to any b*ke-style seat post.

I thought that might be the case for mounting to the seat post.

You may have a hard time getting a seat post to slide over that Brake Lever, Rail seat post adaptor.

If the brake lever part and the handle tubing are the same size, you could try an oversized seatpost clap to hold both, or maybe have a local welder put a sleeve over the two pieces.

And where are you located or where are you from.

@unipsycho ,

This is going to work perfectly!

Thank you for sending the T-Handle. I looked in my parts bin and found a 22.3mm to 28.6mm seat post adapter that (I think) will work great. I tested the fit with a 28.6 seat post clamp, and now plan to order two Nimbus 28.6mm double seat post clamps from UDC.

I will post final photos when it all comes together, but the plan is to use this for those times when I decide to use my 27.5 Oracle as a road uni with a Hookworm tire. I will now have a separate saddle/seatpost/T-Handle specifically for that application that I can just slide into the frame and get to riding quickly.


Well, my plan changed. But, the Nimbus T-Bar worked incredibly well!

Instead of using the bar on my 27.5 Oracle, I used it on my Nimbus 29” Road uni. I have been using a Coker Pi Bar on that unicycle, and wondered what it would be like to have a bar that extended higher, and further in front of me.

Well, I have to say that @Canoeheadted and @JimT know what they are doing/talking about.

The first two rides were incredible!

Somehow, I am riding the 29” with 114mm cranks at the same average speed as I ride my 36” with 150mm cranks. That may say more about me as a rider though, than it says anout unicycles.

Before/After shots of the 29” uni are below. Thank you again, @unipsycho !

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Really happy that you’ve found such an effective use for it!

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