free online movie making programs downloadable

title says it i need one of those

me 2

If you really want some, pay for it. What can I say though, I got a free copy. If you want some legally search for GIMP, I think they make editing software.


Gimp is only still images, though there is an offshoot that USED to be called Film-Gimp (I forget what it is now) that movie studios use to touch up still frames in movies (Was used on the 1st Harry Potter and some others).

Free video editors… Hmmm… I think Avid lets you download their software for XP for non-Commercial use, but it’s very hard to use. Windows Movie Maker 2 is decent for short films online, but it can be very buggy (the last BUUC movie refused to render out, until I rendered only the 1st half, then the 2nd half, then combined the 2… grrr). Mac has iMovie, but I’ve never used it. Linux has Kino and another that I think is called Pitivi or something like that, but I haven’t used them yet. Kino looks cool, but doesn’t support the avi files from my gf’s digicam. If you find anything good, let me know!

can i have a link

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[EDIT] Here is the GIMP home page

If Windows Movie Maker doesn’t suit your needs you can try ZS4. It is free (free as in no money).

I haven’t used it. It seems to have the necessary features for good editing. I don’t know about ease of use.

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