Free half-a-trials-unicycle

Help! My shed is full, and I’ve just got another bike…

I have most of an old trials unicycle that I haven’t ridden for ages that deserves a better home.

It’s a Nimbus Trials unicycle, 19" wheel, Alex DX32 rim, early KH hub (one of the first in the UK, dontchaknow) and a Luna 2.5" tyre. It doesn’t have a seatpost, seat or pedals. The left crank is a bit scratched and rusty from crank grabbing but the right side is fine. The hub and cranks are straight and true, the bearings are fine, the tyre tread is okay, the frame has a bit of surface rust but nothing some chrome cleaner won’t sort out.

It can be yours for (a) a good tale of how you / the intended recipient deserve it or (b) an appropriate donation to the charity of your choice. You will also (this is important) need to come and get it, either from here in Cannock or somewhere else if you can persuade me that it’s worth a trip in our new campervan. :slight_smile:


Claimed by a unicycle club - I’m sure the unicycle will enjoy its new home.