Free 24" to a new rider (North Carolina)

Anybody know someone near Durham that may be able to use a beginner 24"

Got it for my girlfriend, and she never got into riding.

It has a 2008 KH saddle (old style) on it, all the other parts are pretty garbage, but it’s way better than what I learned on.

If you want the saddle, you can make an offer on that and I can put my failed experiment of an air saddle on it.

I’m interested in the saddle. Got any pics? How much?

didn’t have a set price on it. (I had 1 pm before your post, so he has first dibs if he wants it, I’ll let you know if he doesn’t) I’d say $20 plus shipping is fair.

Saddle is gone, uni is pending.

I work in Cary, not far from Durham, and I’m looking for a uni to learn on.

I ordered a new one today so I’m no longer interested.

Hey juggleaddict! Well, I bought a 24 MUni but I keep hearing that it’s easier to learn on a 20" wheel so I picked up a cheap 20" Torker on CL but the seat post is way too short. It’s much shorter than the one in your picture. So, can I have that uni? I’ll be sure to pass it on to the next learner when I’m done with it.