Frames for sale...

hello everyone,

I have a 24" flat crown red powdercoated frame ( which is almost new, i got it at toque), that i need to get rid of. Comes with a 3 bolt seat post clamo too. im asking $75cdn for it.

I also have a 26" Yuni frame for sale, chrome, and fits a gazz.
Im asking $25cdn for it.

i live on vancouver island, B.C., Canada.

Justin Kohse.

What kind is the 24" Red frame? Will it fit a 24x3 Gazz?

I am interested in the 26" Yuni, as it’ll be a while before I get my KH frame.

no the gazz wont fit the 24" bedford flat crowned frame, but it will fit the 26", i also have a 24" Yuni frame (like the 26" but 24") that will fit the gazz, its pretty used though. but still works.


I’d definitely be interested in the 26", any idea on how much shipping would be? I just want something to be able to use my unicycle until the 05 KH comes out.

what do u want to ship it by?


Probably USPS, or whatever is easier/cheaper.