Frame" to change or not to change

When i said there was a problem with my Qu-ax 24, where one fork is longer than the other, it is a problem it was made with, and now i can either send it back, or have a tilt in the wheel, which will not do anything to affect the uni at all except if a bit of dirt gets stuck in, it would have a little less space than the other side, but i don’t wan’t to have to miss out unicycling any longer than i have to
so here is the question:

  1. Should i send it back, and get a “better” one

2.Or keep my old one, with a harmless fault,

bear in mind i did pay $515, and for that price i would expect it to be perfect, but are slight differences in forks a common thing, in manufacturing?

Send it back!

send it back

send it back…for that price you shouldnt have any issues with it. definately send it back.

I don’t think is possible to buy a Qu-Ax for $515, where did you buy it from, New Zealand? Sorry if i burst your bubble but you got riped.

If one frame leg is only a tiny bit shorter than the other, try makeing a shim out of a pop can. Cut a little stip of metal and put it in the top of the bearing holder that is on the short side to straighten things out.

Bush mechanics.

Get out there and ride your new uni.

Cheers Dave

if u dont send it back it would be foolish

This is $606

send it back, or even the short side. But i would still sent it back

send it back

Send it back!

Send it back!



515.00 AUD (Australia Dollars) = 384.644 USD (United States Dollars)

Send it back. Call them and ask to have the shipping credited to your credit card. They should do that. They are responsible.

Send it back

And is there anything wrong with New Zealand?

Definitely keep it, unless it is off by like a centimeter. Both my trials and muni frames are off a little bit, and so are most frames I have seen. It doesn’t make a difference. Do you really want to wait 2-1/2 weeks to be able to ride a unicycle that will be effectively the same as the one you have now?

keep it, my nimbus is slightly off, and it makes no difference at all, unless its a long way out. If your that bothered, cut a little shim to put in the bearing holder of the short side to even it out, a coke can would probably work, ive used a piece of rubber, works a treat

Hey guys,
thanks a bundle,
i contacted Kris Holm, he said don’t worry, so i stuck it in some shim, hey that rhymes, but i couldnt have done it without some words of advice from all u champs,
So to all u good people out there,