Frame size and bad luck

Well… we all pay for our stupidity. How was I to know that neither one of my existing unicycle frames would fit my Profile/DX-32 wheelset? ASK DORK… anyway… what I want to know is if a Yuni 24" frame will definately fit my new trials wheelset. I sure hope so considering that it seems to be the only option besides throwing 400 dollars into the KH frame. Help?!


KH is not the only option :smiley:

The Yuni 24" will fit a 24x3 tire. There is not much room between the top of the tire and the crown of the frame, but there is enough. If you’re going to be riding in thick mud or sticky snow, or are worried about sticks getting wedged in between the tire and the crown then the 26" Yuni might be better. Several people at the muni weekend were using the Yuni 24" frame with a 24x3 Gazz.