Frame design help needed...

A lot of you may know that I’ve decided to buy the Yuni 20" Trials unicycle with the Profile hub (through Australian distributors) with everything except the frame. I’ve got a few questions about the design of the frame:

Tyre Clearance - Firstly should I get a 3.0" tyre or the Monty 2.5" one? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Also, how much clearance should a tyre have with the inside of the frame on the top and sides?
Leg Clearance - Keeping this in mind, will a wide frame be likely to hit my legs when doing trials and muni?
Material - What’s the best type of metal for the frame and is weight a very important factor?

Andrew Carter


I live in a small town in northeast Victoria called Corryong.
I’m sorry I don’t have any pics of my frame mainly because I’m lazy but also because I don’t have a digital camera or scanner so I’d have to do it at school. I will do it eventually though.
It sounds like a pretty good deal for the profiles. I was in contact with about buying a set a while ago but it was going to cost over $700 to get one. So I ended up getting their cheaper trials uni.


How much did you end up paying for the shipping?


I ended up paying $75 fo the shipping. it was a 20" wheel so the package wasn’t to big. i think the cost depends on the size and weight of the package so most parts whouldnt cost that much.


If I was getting the Yuni 20" Trials unicycle shipped in it’d cost me $250 in shipping. How does that work?


I really dont know. when i bought my uni it cost me around $500 with universe the video. thats a $229US uni and $20US video.