Frame building question...

Is pre-ovalised tubing available to frame builders or would they have to do it themselves?



i dont know the answer. Andrew…

But i would like to know what is the best metal to make a frame out of?



Seems to me like 4130 is the most popular.


I dont think standard ovalization is avialible here. but teardrop is, and that’s pretty good, although it is a bit more expensive at about 10 dollars a foot.

What is it?

Andrew, Assuming your refering to the “it” in my post, was refering to the teardrop tubing, shaped like a stereotipical teardrop. If your still onfused, or not what your talking about, lemme know.

Yep, sorry I’m still confused.



I used this type of oval tubing in my frame. It is difficult to make the crown with this type of oval tubing. The builder, Gene Spicer had to miter the corners of the crown to the fork legs.

Max, is this what you were referring to?

The tear drop end is actually the front of the MUni frame because we had to use the fatter side of the tubing for the back in order to weld the KH brake mounts.

ok, so it’s kinda like the cross-section of an airplanes wing, except it’s nor “flat” on one side. heres a picture of what I mean, might help:

It’s at the bottom. it’s not a standard ovalization because of the steeper and slacker angular sides, if that makes any sense…

Okay, thanks guys.