Fox shin guards

Has anyone used these guards from fox. They look like they would work really well. They only drawback is that they are 69.95.

i havent tryed those but why not just get 661’s? theyre cheaper and have been proven to work very well.

i have some 661s. I was just wondering what people thought of the foxes

i use the fox north shore… they work well… havent had any punctures in my gastronemius yet

i hav the model down from them they r called Fox 911 shin/knee guards, i bought them wen i started uni-ing!!
they look alot similar to the ones i have, apart from the shape of the actual plastic guard parts!!

i dont recommend them, becoz the leg straps are really irritating and slip, and the part where u strap the knee protector onto ur knee is a slut and irritates the most!!

i couldnt stand them ne longer and went out and bought a pair of lizard skins (ssoooo much better)

i could be wrong, that model could be different in some way, but i doubt it!!

From what Ive heard in a mountian biking magizine the guards dont make a rash from the straps. They have some sort of new strapping system on them.

They look god, if my 661’s ever get beaten up past the point of no return ill have to try these, or some other type of hard plastic shell protective gear =p

I tried those on in a bike shop. Straps take a while to get on, but the worst is they have no side or calf protection.

i looked on 661’s website and they don’t have any shin and carve protectors, only shins.

yeah but the thing is u have to take into concideration that (if they r for downhill mountain biking) the riders dont need a whole lot of movement from the knee, they keep their legs straight and firm as much as possible. …

but uni riders need alot of leg movement, due to constant bending of the knee and twisting and turning…

thats my 2 cents newayz

im thinhing of switcing from 661s to wrap around soccer guards, more range of motion. my knees can take the beating

For me, there is a very little amount of restriction with the 661’s, at first i found them too tight, but now the only strap i keep really tight are the ankle straps, everything else is kinda loose and i can move and do everything like i could without the 661’s on, and the guards dont move or slip to a different position, so i love them and think they are great =p