Four years, one wheel

With 1/2" chopped off the seatpost, and blocks of wood screwed to the pedals, Jenny’s legs are now long enough to ride her unicycle, though she’s still some way off riding unsupported.

As I tend to wield the camera in our family, and I’m also Jenny’s unicycle instructor, getting pictures hasn’t been too easy. But yesterday, on the last day of this year’s British Juggling Convention, we managed to take some. Photos and videos at:

Charlie also begged to have a ride on “Nenny oogaga” - there are some
pictures of him there, too.

Thanks for sharing. How old is Jenny? Just 4, or more near 5?


She was 4 on 5 February.

Thats really cool Danny- glad the kids are enjoying playing with the baby unicycle. Lovely pics.

you made my day happy i dont know why but those pics of that little uni made me happy :thinking: dunno why :thinking:

i hope my kid can uni at 5. actually, i hope i’ll still be able to have kids by the time i find someone to make one with. can baby momma unicycle too?

Wifey briefly started learning about 5 or 6 years ago, but gave up after bashing her ankles on the cranks a couple of times. I’m hoping to shame her into learning by the time both the kids are riding.