Foss Tubes

My 29" Foss tube went flat. I put my regular rubber emergency tube on and couldn’t believe the difference in the ride. I read that the Foss tube can be repaired using heat and pinching the material together. Did this work out for anyone? Does anyone know a good method to fix the hole so I can use the tube for a back-up, or should I just trash it? I didn’t see Foss tubes for sale at the site so I ordered the Nimbus clear light weight tube and found a Foss tube for sale on eBay. Is the Foss better than the Nimbus? I can’t wait to get the rubber tube off the tire, it’s terrible. I’ll probably carry whatever spare light weight tube arrives at my home as the back-up and use the first one that arrives unless some knows the one tube is much better than the other.

Yep those blue ones on UDC are foss tubes.

Fortunately I havent punctured either of mine so I don’t know the best patching method. There is a patch kit for them on sale though.

Here’s a youtube on the heat method.

You can always purchase a patch for foss tubes.



Use the FOSS tube patches. Peel & stick and that’s it. More than 1,000 miles on mine and no leaks yet. :smiley:

I tried to heat repair mine and failed. However, a patch repair was easy and successful.

The 36" Foss tube makes the uni ride completely differently. It’s amazing.

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to get some patches added to the tube I already ordered from UDC.


After thinking about it for about a year, I finally ordered a Foss tube for my Coker. (And a patch kit.)
Just from this thread. (Sometimes it takes me a long time to do stuff.)

Where did you get the six pack of patches Terry? It looks like UDC sells a pack of one for $4.50.

I was probably wrong regarding the FOSS patch kit containing one patch. The packet does not show a patch count on the UDC site.

I believe this comes with 6 patches, but you can call UDC to confirm.

In what sense?

lighter wheel

I’m assuming Mikefule is referring to the lighter rotational weight of the wheel, this has a noticeable impact on the riding experience.

UDC US has Foss (Nimbus clear) tubes on sale for $10. This is for the 20, 26 & 29" only, not 36" :frowning:

Not just the lighter rotational weight. The tube is thinner and flexes more easily compared to the standard heavy gauge tube, so I swear that the ride feels smoother.

When I first fitted the tube I immediately noticed this difference - nothing to do with accelerating. decelerating, turning or idling, just a smoother ride.

I then went for a period when I put the old standard tube back in because the Foss had a puncture. When I put the Foss tube back in, I noticed the difference again, straight away.

There is more going on here than a change in weight, or even slight differences in pressure.

First experience disappointing

So, I ordered the tube last week and got it on Friday. I installed it Saturday afternoon, and took it down to the local bike path for a ride this afternoon (Sunday). Checked the pressure before starting out – 51.5. Seemed like a reasonable place to start. I had taken a couple trial rides up and down the block to start with, probably not more than 500 feet total. As I stood in the parking lot, waiting for a friend to arrive for our ride, it just blew out. No warning or provocation, just blew out. I took it home and removed it – the tube had failed at the nozzle junction. Anyone had this happen to them? I sent this photo to UDC, I’m hoping they will take it back as a warranty return.
Any comments?

Another Foss tube bites the dust… :roll_eyes:

Dont get me wrong i do like Foss tubes.

Just they didnt like me… Brand new tube…

I think the tyre was at fault here and it all went bad that day. The old tyres wire bead came through the sidewall and popped the tube.
They seem fragile and not as forgiving as trusty old faithfully rubber tubes.

Safe to say i have tried most kinds and now have converted to tubeless and cant say i will ever be looking back

Tubeless is definitely intriguing, but I’m a little hesitant to try it. Has anyone gone tubeless with a Nightrider tire on a Coker 36" rim? (I’m assuming it’s the original rim with the “Big One” uni, but I bought it used, so I can’t swear to it. Black, with a machined sidewall, says “Coker Cycle Company” on it.) I’d be interested to hear how they fared.