Ford Fiesta Commercial NOW on TV! (Unicyling!)

Great work :smiley:

So are any of us more likely to buy a Ford Fiesta now?
Or a new uni?
Or maybe an umbrella?

Pretty cool. Did they have markings on the inside of the umbrellas so you knew they were right-side-up when you stopped spinning them?

That was great. It’s a very imaginative commercial. I’m really excited to see they’ve brought the Fiesta back to the US market. It was originally built by Ford of Germany and they sold it here in the early 80s. It was a really well put together little car. I don’t know why they stopped selling it here.

They were also secured by safety tethers, as were the parachute guys.

Me, Hollywood? Haha, never! Yeah it was definitely a fun experience.

Yeah I showed the director a few things and he was loving it, but he said it all had to be synchronized so no one person could stand out. My tire did stand out though, lol.

Yeah it is very chalked full of action!


You’re right, they are usually pretty well done, with polish!


For them, hopefully Fiestas. For us, hopefully unis!

They added the letters in post. They had white “x’s” on each umbrella when we shot it, and the letters were added via sfx.

Yeah, I saw an old 70’s fiesta commercial! I forgot that this model has been around for a long time.

Nice job Terry! If only they’d let you do something more extreme for the advert!:smiley:

haha, I think was made by a Fiesta Fan. Pretty funny.

Fun commercial. Congrats!

Thanks. Family and friends have told that they’ve now seen it many dozens of times on various channels, including each week on american idol. I’ve only seen it once, so I hope someone in charge of residuals is keeping track of all the airings! :smiley:

Nice! Someone kept telling me about this commercial because they knew I unicycled, so I’m glad to see it, and know that a fellow rider was in it!

Nice Job! You’ll have to make an instructional video of how did do that. I do always enjoy your videos!

Thanks. I mis-identified myself as the rider going right to left with the letter “Y” on the umbrella. It was actually another person; So in addition to my first ride through with the letter “D” on my umbrella, I was also riding right to left with the letter “S”. You can tell by my tire, lol! They needed me to do that second part because the person who was originally supposed to do it was having trouble mounting and staying on his uni.

do you know the name of the actress in the car?

No I never even saw her. I think there scenes were shot on a different day.

My mom and step dad saw it on TV! I’ve never seen it though:( Even if you’re like 3 seconds in it.

I think the commercial has finished its run. I was for 13 weeks, but I’m not sure if it was extended for another run. has anyone seen it lately, like since the beginning of Sept?

They saw it a few weeks ago, and I dont really use the TV, and when I use it it’s not the same channel as they do. It was an american channel too, I dont know if it’s going to be on the canadian ones soon.

EDIT: 2000th post!:smiley:

Not sure if I’ve seen it in September but I’m positive of having seen it in the last week of August. I wonder if the commercial is shown at different dates in different regoins…I’m sure that many marketing ideas appear first on the west coast or east coast and then percolate to the interior rather slowly, (based on my frequently being confused by internet memes until weeks later when a relevant commercial finally airs on my teevee.)

Around a week ago I was watching tv and a ford fiesta commercial came on so I got exited because I hadn’t seen it on tv before but it was a diferent one:(

saw it today