Ford Fiesta Commercial NOW on TV! (Unicyling!)

My sister and Niece told me they saw the commercial during American Idol. They’re on the East coast, so they’ve already seen it. I’ll be watching tonight at 8pm, PST! If anyone has seen it yet (on the EAST coast, let me know!) :smiley:

Edit: Here it is! I’m the second one riding out past the fire hydrant with a “D” on the umbrella, then again going from right to left with the letter “Y”. :slight_smile:

Nice Going Terry!

Thanks Ken. What’s pretty awesome is that with just one showing on American Idol, the highest rated show on TV, it will be seen by millions! Might spark some unicycle sales and more ppl getting into it! No extreme riding, but unicycling is still being seen by millions! :smiley:

cool advert. fun to see uni’s used like that. love the guys coming down the buildings at the start.

Yeah the whole production was first rate! A really great, sweeping variety of action. I think it’s a terrific commercial! A visual fiest(a). :smiley:

Looks like your uni may be a muni (at least fatter than the other uni tires) in the video, Did they know that was your specialty?

how did you get contacted?

I don’t think anyone, including the other actors-most who could barely free mount, knew much about the “sport” of MUni or extreme unicycling. During the time I was on the set, between takes and breaks, they were asking me all kinds of questions about where I ride, and everything about it. They were all in disbelief and thought I must be crazy, lol!

My agent.

I uploaded this link:’

PS: The reason they used me twice (again for the letter “Y” was because the rider who originally was set to ride past with that letter was having trouble mounting and riding, and kept falling. So they asked me to do that part as well, knowing I was the most experienced rider there…too bad I didn’t get paid double, haha! Funny thing is that I’m riding in both directions at once! How’d they do that? lol! :slight_smile:

Excellent Terry, way to get out there. Nice! :slight_smile: Glad you enjoyed doing it also :slight_smile:

I’m sitting here with my laptop while simultaneously watching American Idol on my dvr. Halfway through the youtube video the actually commercial started on the tv! Funny when things line up like that. Haha!

Nice work, nice tire.

I love it! Congrats Terry!

(Of course I especially love it because it has unicycling AND skydiving)

Haha, just saw it on Amercian Idol. Turns out the entire show is “brought to you by the all new Ford Fiesta!” :smiley:

Yeah it was lots of fun…except for the long waiting between filming, lol. :o

Yeah, I just saw it on Amercian Idol too! Turns out the entire show is “brought to you by the all new Ford Fiesta!” :smiley:

Yeah they really packed it with a ton of action and variety! :smiley:

Clever advert, liked the way the people just casualy jumped of the buildings haha.

You are so Hollywood Terry! :wink:

It is really cool that you get yourself into these great opportunities. What an experience!

Just what we need – Terry in two places at once. And on millions of TVs at the same time! Congrats on a big commercial in highly visible time slots!

Too bad they didn’t let you jump off one of those buildings like all those ‘pedestrians’ did… :slight_smile:

That commercial is pretty awesome. I like the over-the-top-ness.

That’s wicked pissah Terry, nice work!

It looks like a pretty good ad, complete with a nice variety of skills. Car ads are usually the more clever adverts.