For Weight Wienies only

I always wondered what would be lighter, a GB4 25.4mm steel seat post or my 25.4mm aluminum seat post with clamp attached to a KH bracket.
The aluminum seatpost is an El Cheapo Trans X seat post that I bought for 17 bucks a few years ago. Other combos may vary.

The steel GB 4 seat post is 11.5" long. The aluminum seatpost/kh combo is 12" long.

The aluminum/KH combo weighs in at 1 lb. 3.6 oz.

The GB4 weighs in at 13.20 oz.

As it happens, the tilt on my aluminum seat post nearly matches the GB4. It was an easy decision to toss the aluminum seat post in favor of the GB4.

i don’t do this due o the weight savings so much as the improved safety and the fact that I don’t have a rail adapter, but I don’t use a rail adapter on my trials uni. I have a thomson directly connected to the cf. I’m usre this is far lighter than both of those. It is 10" long. Also, my post weighs less than a normal thomson without a rail adapter, because it doesn’t have the top plate. Basically, rail adapters aren’t neccesarily needed, and one can cut weight that way.