[For Trade] New KH24 frame for new KH24 frame

I received one of the new, shorter KH24 frames, made to clear the Duro, but does not clear a Gazz. I was wondering if anyone had an earlier version of the frame that is taller that they would be willing to trade.

il trade you a kh 04 frame, prety scraped but its in great condition, i can stip the pait off for you so if you wanted to have it painted you could.

i sold that frame to Evan it was perfect then.

I want one of the 05 frames, not 04

saddly man i don’t think the KH 05 frames with the higher frame will even fit it as there is that reienforcement “bar” welded in… just enjoy the duro would be my thoughts on it…

The longer '05 KH frames fit a Gazz quite nicely.

and that’s the 3 inch wide gazz?

Yes it is, a brand new one.

With no hair?

haha catboy you owned there

With no hair?[/QUOTE

They don’t get hair there till they are a little older.