For Trade; 24" for 20"

I have a 24", Torker DX and am thinking about replacing the rim/tire/crankset/pedals with a 20" setup. Basically, I just want to keep the frame/seatpost/seat and replace everything else.

I’m looking for a tough, trials ready setup to put on my torker or, just a straight up trade of my DX 24" for a good 20" trials ride.

Are there any problems associated with putting a 20" setup on a 24" frame?

I’m also thinking about just saving some cash and getting a 20" so that I’ll have two rides.



I might possibly be willing to trade my dx 20’’
keep you posted

any pics of your 24?

It’s a standard, un-modified, Torker DX 24". It’s only been ridden for about a month and a half so, it’s in near mint condition. Mostly just pedal and seat scuffs.

I’ll have some pics soon.

Here you go.

Like I said, pretty standard.

straight up trade for a 20" dx or, comparable uni.

mainly just replying to the thread to keep it from disappearing into the deep.

You definitely wouldn’t want that frame on a 20" wheel.

Foot on crown tricks would be out of the question, your knees would suffer from the high crown and its not exactly a light frame.

Where are you located?

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that, didn’t I. I just haven’t gotten around to filling out all of the personal info yet.

I’m in the Quad City area of Illinois, United States.