For Sale Used Coker w/Upgrades Denver,CO

Hiya all,

I have a used Coker going on 6 years old. It’s in great shape, few miles. Kovachi airfoil wheel, 150mm cranks, leather air seat, brake. See more at:

I can ship within US. Asking $475.00 If you’re interested, please email to:

That only costs 489 new minus the brake and airseat, but even those are only about 40 max for the brake (I just bought one myself) and 25 for the seat.

I will however give you an offer of 275 (USD) for the wheel shipped to Ottawa Canada (shouldn’t be much more than to New York or something).

If that doesn’t work out, send me a pm if you have a counter offer.

Hi NTappin,

I figured it up on to be $610.00 as set up, not including shipping. Mine has less than 20 miles on it, and my asking price figures out to about 22% off new price. Besides, it’s got a really nice Kovachi airfoil which aren’t that easy to come by. Yeah, I might be a touch high, but not a whole lot. I’ll certainly consider offers, however I’m not interested in parting it out.


Is that a UDC hub or a standard coker one?

Hi Brian O,

The hub has SUZUE stamped on it. If that’s Coker or UDC I don’t know. This is the first Coker I purchased, and the first I’ve ever tried to sell. Kinda covering new territory here. Hurt my back badly (not riding) shortly after learning to ride this cycle, and it’s been sitting around for years. My price isn’t firm, but I don’t want to part it out. Larger Images are here:

Thanks for your interest.

$475.00 isn’t too bad if I could come down and get it and not get snagged at the border for duty. Otherwise, I could just by a new one from Bedford and pick it up from Darren. hmmm, what to do, what to do?

Bedford doesn’t have any Cokers at the moment, let alone any of the good airfoil rims. This is definitely a good buy but it’s a little more than what I want to spend on a used uni.

I’m somewhat flexible on the price… make an offer (reasonable of course), see what happens?

Well my main issue is that I don’t want an airseat or those brakes and I’d prefer the UDC super wide hub over the Suzue because it provides a more stable wheel build. I don’t think my offer would be as generous as ntappin’s and all I really want off it is the rim as I’ve got another deal currently working out for me. I do however encourage anyone else to jump at this. If I could buy just the rim I definitely would.

I want your Coker

I am very interested in your Coker. Please check your email messages.

Coker sold. Thanks

Just to cap the thread here, the coker has been sold. Thanks for all the conversation talking this up.