[For Sale] UPD T-shirts!!!

At long last we’ve gotten some sample t-shirts printed out in white. The design is clean, smooth, and looks great. I had the image cleaned, so the letters are proportional, and all coloring is smooth and correct.

Heres the design up close on a white T-shirt.

Now here’s the deal. White shirts are ready and able to be shipped, however, I’m going to need a few orders to come in before I can print brown shirts, since they require a several hundred dollar process to be printed. So as soon as I get a few orders for brown then I’ll get them ready to print.

These shirt designs are available in white:

  1. UPD Logo on Front
  2. UPD logo on Back
    These shirt designs are available in brown:
  3. UPD Logo on Front
  4. UPD Logo on Back, Crashing Delivery Man on Front Left Chest.

So for the first few weeks I’ll be making you all a deal:
1 shirt(brown or white) for $20USD, no shipping cost.
2 shirts(brown or white) $30USD, no shipping cost.

Send all orders, and potential orders to me via PM or email at Catboy@gmail.com, and I’ll reply promptly with a mailing address for payment, and any other info.

Include in your message:
Number of shirts, Color, Design Number(listed above), Size, Shipping Address, and your first and last name.

Cash, Postal Money Order, or Cashiers Checks only.

That’s right, you can look as Mac Daddy as this here thug for only $20, or you and your friends and family can roll together for only $30.

For now, I will only be shipping to people in the continental US. But soon, international shipping will be available.


Are the brown ones ready yet? I gotta get me a one… Or two.

or seven…

Well, I have quite a few payments in, and am just waiting for a few people to get their payments in like they’ve said.

If you order now, it is cheaper, especially in bulk.

I’m also offering international shipping now.

Am I correct to assume that they are not iron-ons?

It’s hard to tell from the picture…

When will the UPD T-shirts be shipped?


They’re high quality multi process screen prints. Which means they’ll last through washings, and look great.

The shirts will be shipped as soon as I get enough orders to cover start-up costs. I’m only a little bit away, so if I get 4 or 5 more orders, they’ll go to print and be shipped shortly after.

I accept paypal, email me for details at catboy@gmail.com

Interesting way to do business. Paying for something before it exists. Sounds like your customers are really venture capitalists. Seems like if the purchasers are the ones putting up the money to start this venture they should get them at a greatly reduced cost. I thought I was waiting for them to be made, not investing in your business.

What happens if you don’t get 4 or 5 more orders?

In the interest of “goodwill” and providing good customer service it seems to me that it is time for the owner to pitch in for 4 or 5 shirts and to start printing. Since you are “only a little bit away”, you will sell the 4 or 5 shirts and recover your money shortly.

If the shirt is more fly, then you must buy.

pdc, people who are investing are getting a discount. They arent paying for shipping, and buy one get one half off.
Two shirts for 30 bucks without shipping is a deal.

If I don’t get 4 or 5 more orders, I’m going to have to scrounge up some money, or borrow it from a family member, and pay them back, but I’d like to sell some shirts before I ask someone else to invest, especially when I can’t offer them alot of profit. The shirts will go to print either way.

pdc, please invest, you’ll be savin yourself time and money.

Really though, in a week or so the shirts will be starting to print, and from there it’s just sending them through the mail.

No more hypothetical questions, please(unless you plan on buying).

can i get 4 shirts (size Large) for $50 bucks?

drunkin chess player posting at my M-in-laws house.

I already did “invest”.
I sent your item a month ago. I didn’t wait till I got your money or goods. If I asked for my money now would that push the shirts off even further?
When Frank did his T SHIRTS they were $10 + shipping. I got 2 for $24. Yours are not such a “deal”. (his were 2 sided silkscreen also)
Don’t get me wrong, your shirts look very nice and I’m all for capitalism. But your methods are questionable. When your selling a product for a premium price the buyers should not be your funding source.
If you want to send back what I sent you we can end our deal.

Only if you send the money right away so the rest of us can get our shirts. :roll_eyes:

Well, I’m going ahead with shirt production even though I don’t have enough money. I’ll be quite a bit in the hole but the shirts will be ready before CMW. I’m going in to get them all printed monday, and it should only be a few days after that. So… Early October Late September is when they should be arriving at your door, if you pre-ordered.

Well I contributed by ordering two shirts today. I can’t wait!!!

Keep advertising. Don’t just announce the shirts and then disappear. When you actually have shirts in-hand, people will be more likely to buy them.

For those of us who have already sent our money, please COMMUNICATE with us to let us know what is going on. The perception is you collected our money and then disappeared.