[For Sale] troker unicycles

Hi there,

I’m selling these two unicycles…a 5footer and a 2004 20in DX. I have to move and i want to get rid of some stuff.

The DX is in awesome shape…not a scratch on the frame and never jumped off ANYTHING. the peddles are a little scuffed but that will happen anyway. The wheel was also trued by a professional right out of the box…so this thing is solid! I bought it with the intent of doing trials and such…but I really only ride my 24x3 hunter. The DX has about 4 hours total on it…so its pretty much new.

The 5ft is pretty much the same…I rode it in a parade once and a hand full of other times just to show off…its in great shape and a lot of fun.

As you can see from the photo there is only one seat between the two…both have posts though. The seat broke on my hunter and i never bought a new one…just took it off one of the spares.

The price is US160 for both, to your door…thats shipping included. If anyone’s interested let me know.


would you be willing to sell them separately? or is it the set only?

where when and how should i send da cash

If you mean 160 for both cycles and unicyclistben drops out, I’d be here too, haha.

Both taken, thanks for looking.