FOR SALE/TRADE UK. KH29 for 24" muni

i have a KH 29, and love it for XC and road, but i have found myself getting into more all mountain/DH riding.

if you want to buy it, make me an offer, or i will consider a trade for a good 24" MUni.

the pictures are old, it now has a red T7 handle, KH fusion freeride saddle and wellgo pedals.

Would you be interested in a trade from the US to the UK?

if its not too expensive to post then yes, im interested, what are you swapping?

pm sent, but my uni isn’t worth what yours is worth. :frowning:

You know it makes sense simon! 24"s are the way forward!!!


especially 24" big street, after 360ing the 29, i really wanna try and 540 a 24!

I’m tempted by the proposal…

I’ve got a 2005 KH 24". It’s seen some use but it had a new rim and wheel build about a year ago and it’s probably only been used properly about half a dozen times since then.

The pedals are the original Snafu’s so they’re a bit past their best but other than that it’s pretty structually sound.


yes,yes i am tempted

i pm’d you

That’s yours?
Have you any relationship to friscino who sold a uni with that same pic on ebay back in May?
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This is from the thread you Linked. It’s probably because he brought it and he just put that picture on it. But we all know that he has the same 29er anyway.

yeah, i bought it from friscino and the picture he sent me when i bought it from him was onne of the only ones on my PC

im still tempted! i PM’d you but ive had no reply. I’d really like to get a 24" in time for BMW from the 21-23rd of next month.

Are you going Mrboogie? if so we could save on postage etc there

thie is now SWAPPED

Indeedy, cheers Simon!

yep, cant wait to get the 24, but i need to find a box to post my 29