(FOR SALE) torker unis and parts

hey guys, not sure if your aware but im no longer sponsored by torker unicycles. I talked to the head honcho down there ( who was dealing with evolution) and he said they are too busy to deal with unicycling sponsorships at the moment.

plus they screwed me around with evolution and it never was produced, even though we had a deal :roll_eyes:

so they gave me permission to sell off the unis and buy what i need!

so i have a bunch of parts and wheelsets for sale, and im looking for a fresh start.

heres the list:

20" torker dx frame - offers
couple 24" dx torker frames-offers
a torker lx wheelset ( no cranks) frame and seat post ( maybe a seat)
couple torker seats ( new ), 1 used and cut down…-offers
some kenda tires 24x2.6-offers
one of the wheelsets is kinda messed up, but the cranks, hub, and rim are still ok ( some spokes are broken)-offers

now the main items is the 24" Muni and a 24" street uni, both come with frames and seats + seat posts.

street uni: basically a torker 24" but it has a street tire and it comes with blue primos.-$175

muni: comes witha a gazzolodi ( new ) and new tioga bmx/muni pedals. These go for around 75 american.-$200

http://www.unicyclist.com/index.php?page=gallery&g2_itemId=555156 (pics)

depending on how far out you are , you pay shipping…

thanks guys, send me a pm!


p.s. my koxx-one white widows on its way:D

that sucks about the evolution. what is the status of it anyways?
glad to see you have decided to start riding REAL unis again.
any unriden lx seats?

i might go for the 20" DX frame and seat post, i REALLY suck at offers, can u PM me a set price range? (i cant pay right now at this second but soon)

I need a new dx seat post… :frowning: I bent mine

dont worry evolution WILL be coming out, i just have to do it myself now:)

I’ve been waiting forever for that video.

Justin, you’ve got something wrong with the torker link in your sig, whenever you post in a thread this show up top of the page:

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Sorry to hear things didn’t work out with Torker, good luck with evolution.

awesome thanks, i fixed it up. I had two people interested in the muni, but one of them is out. anyone else? caaaa.maaan

I still need the seat post though :smiley:

gimmey a price

you wouldn’t be willing to part out a seat would you… i need a seat stiffener(to make mine better w/), i know some people want foam…

no i dont really want to rip apart a seat, sorry.

You give me a price :smiley:
I dunno how much anything is worth

And i could be able to come up to you and pick it up this weekend if it costs alot to deliver :smiley:

sure if you want man, $15 sound alright to you?

alright, because i need to sell these asap! im gunna put the muni on for $180 and the street 24 for $150

if you can find a better deal than that, i urge you to buy it!

now i do have a kenda kenatics tire i can throw onto the street 24 to make it a muni!!!


i would like the seat what shape it the used seat in

NKahler, if I remember right you have a torker DX, it seems like the seatpost he is selling is for the LX which will not work with your seat.



24’s are SOLD, same with a seat post and 2 seats

are the tiogas sold?