(FOR SALE)- Torker Frames/ Seat

hello fellow unicyclists,

i have a brand new Torker DX seat ( black/red) for sale, no seat post and im asking $40 CDN for it and you pay shipping.

I also have a 24" Torker DX 2005 frame for sale ( brand new, never used) wit the brake mounts and no scratches, im asking $70 CDN for it, you pay shipping.

And finally i have one Torker 20" 2006 ( new style ) torker frame, never used, and it also has the brake mounts. ( they can be removed though), im asking $70 CDN for it.

if you want the saddle and a frame then ill charge $100 CDN all together ( saving you $10), and if your close by ill pay shippign ( within B.C., Canada).

thanks let me know…


prices are negotiable…

im going to buy a compleatly built one
people like that kind better

what the hell?..

why are you selling?

except for the fact that it’s a pain in the ass to great different cranks with the “redline only” spindle…

I maybe interested in the 20" and the seat. Shoot me a pm with a total cost with shipping