for sale: torker dx 19'' & 24''

stock setup, except for the trials one comes with a kris holm street gel super duper fusion whatever saddle.

They’re both in excellent condition. No dents or anything, just scratches from general unicycling.

make offers, I haven’t been in the unicycling community for maybe a year now so I don’t know what these go for these days.

happy bidding.

pictures will be supplied upon request, they’re being delivered to me soon because I moved across the country (now living in seattle) so I probably won’t be able to get pictures until they come sometime in mid february, but until then just take my word for it that they’re in pretty good condition.

Depending on if someone around here munis or something, I might keep my 24’’. There’s a place called colonade that has some ballin northshore stuff.

I’ll give you $25 for the cranks off of the 20".


Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

/unless you’re willing to, then I’m totally interested.


would you be willing to go $125 for the 24" or no

$0.35 + shipping for the 19"

:astonished: Fail, mate.

Depending on the year, They are worth 150 or so… each.

pm sent


Would you go $125 for the 19 inch? and could you send some pics?

well, i completely forgot to check this for the longest amount of time. STILL FOR SALE.


link to photobucket album. I have a possible buyer but i will let you know if that falls through.

Thread closed. Sold.