FOR SALE: The Infamous "Crazy Arms" Cranks

These were Al’s prototypes that were in his video. Unfortunately the links to his video are no longer up.

quote from AL -
“The joint is a hex shaft that inserts into a 13/16” 12 point socket. There are 7 settings 115,120, 130,145, 160 & 165mm. The length incriments are not evenly spaced because the crazy arm rotates in 30deg. increments."

Here are some links to the beginning and infamous end of these cranks.

These seem awesome. I’ve never actually tried them as I have my adjustable Kookas.

$100 gets them delivered to you (in the USA).

if i did long distance i might buy them… i read all the posts of all three threads and didnt see any reason for him to go
[I][B]O.K. for all you young folks; here is how the free market really works, in terms that persons on your maturity can understand,

Na-na–Nuh–Na-na I got what you want and you can’t get it.

Should I lower the price?? To match what competition, What is available is priced from $250-$450. And are bicycle components that have to be modified to work on a Uni.

At this point I don’t care if Ya’ll are insulted, in fact that is what I am looking for. Someone who want’s these so bad that even if I throws rocks at yer dog and calls yer sister names, you’d still buy 'em any way.

The rest of you will get by just fine without them.[/B][/I]

How about we leave this thread for people who are interested in these cranks?

eff those are cool. but are they square taper?

See PM.