FOR SALE: Sun 16" Unicycle

Sun 16" Unicycle purchased for my teenager a couple of years ago, but he only used a few times, so it’s practically brand new. Asking $50 + actual shipping cost (U.S. only). Plan to ship UPS C.O.D.


FOR SALE: Sun 16" unicycle photos

here are the photos




it would help iff you could actually see the pictures :roll_eyes:

agreed, my microfying glass made everything pixelated lol :roll_eyes:

Sun 16" Uni Photo - Hopefully better

Hope this is more viewable.

where do you live. I think ill take it if you live closeby.

We live near Dubuque, Iowa. Are you anywhere close??? (Probably not, I’m guessing!!:slight_smile: )

Are you sure thats a 16"? It looks more like a 20 to me.

I agree, a 16 would have shorter cranks and smaller frame for how high the seatpost would be.


Did we ever determine if this is an actually 16". If it is, I will give you $40.00 for it and pay my shipping. Thanks

Pm or email me at work ben at

I apologize, but I know little to nothing about unicycles other than buying this for my son awhile ago. I just measured the across the diameter of the wheel and it was 16". Is that correct??


yes measure it in inches across from the start of the tire to the end of it does kind of look like a 16" because some unicycles on the internet look like that.
cheers uni98:D