For Sale: Stock Coker Frame...

For Sale: Stock Coker Frame (excellent condition)…$60 plus UPS shipping cost. Ships from Grand Forks, North Dakota 58203. Contact Carl ( Thanks!

Hey, any ideas how much shipping is going to cost to the UK? Just got my hands on a stock coker wheel and was going to build a custom frame but this would be muhc more convienient.

Dave-- Thanks for your inquiry! I had a chat with the USPS folks this morning, Monday, and learned that estimated shipping costs for sending a 5-pound package to the UK would be:

a) $32 USD by air (which would take only a few days); or
b) $23 USD by boat (which would take about six weeks).

Would you consider purchasing the stock Coker frame for $85 if that price included cost for air freight? Let me know. Thanks! --carl