[For Sale] Rim+Tire, Seat, Pedals

Reach me by email if interested jkohse@gmail.com or a pm

prices as marked, you pay ship.

p.s. ive got a pair of used Jim C’s, pins removed on the bottoms of each pedal (still kinda red), not sealed. $20 also. Just dont have a pic.

edit: the rim is nimbus ( not drilled. oops)

Pm’ed - Dont mind my stupid question about what type… I just jumped at the opportunity.

What are you changing on your uni this time?

ive got a shaved tryall for it, some new haro plastics, i think im going to a drilled rim, and a kh fusion saddle (maybe with a cf base)

im turning into a weight weenie, but im starting to get back into trials a bit.

prices are negotiable guys…

p.s. its $40 for the tire AND rim together

would u be willing to do COD? for the tire and rim

Just FYI: The cranks you have pictured are not ISIS compatible; they fit the previous KH hubs with 36 splines, not the ISIS (which, iirc, has just 10 splines).

FYI, i knew someone would say that. And yes they do fit the new isis splined hubs. I got it off kris holm (here in vancouver).

Had them on my 2007 kh 24" for a bit when i rode street on it, but then got moments.

so YES they do fit.

Wow. Sorry 'bout that. They must be one of very few sets of those cranks that are ISIS; I’ve only seen them on the pre-ISIS KH hubs.

hey no worries,

i just dont want people getting the wrong idea about the cranks. Honestly i think kris should put out a smaller set, and he would have something to compete with against koxx-one and their street cranks.

p.s. had some intereset in the seat, still for sale!

and some interest in the rim and tire (pending)

I must say that you did an awesome Job making the offer look attractive.

thanks buddy,

anyone else?

$30 muni cranks?

The KH/Onza 165mm cranks that fit ISIS would be so cool for my Muni I am getting. Unfortunatly I have ordered Moments with it, good luck.

And also, the photo thingy, you did an awesome job on it.

hah well, its what design schools for right?

ok so assuming everything goes well

the kh onzas are gone

same with the tire and rim combo.

if they back out, ill let you know.

Seat is still up for grabs.

cranks, rim, tire, SOLD