for sale racing uni

I have a uni i used to use for racing.
anyone interested in buying it?
it has a very skinny tire and great for racing.

How much

What do you need for it and are there any pictures

i dont have a picture of it up here yet.
i’m open to offers on the price.
we may have to pay shipping as well depending on where you are at.
i am in MN

No pictures, but what is the make and model?

i am going to have to go home and check and let you know tomorrow.
i think the make is a myata (not sure that’s the right spelling).
i haven’t ridden it in a long time, so i’ll have to check on the model

Lindsey, did you ever sell this?

Bill Hugo

i have not sold it yet. i looked at it again and noticed that i dont think the acutal unicycle is a miyata, i have a miyata seat on it, but the actual frame says that the unicycle is a different brand. i’ll have to look and see what it is again. it has a really thin tire good for racing at nationals and things.

firstly… what is the wheel size…
and second i can start by offer you $50

if you measure from rim to rim, it’s 24 inches i believe
i’ll let you know tonight or tomorrow what the exact make it says on the frame. i would take $60 plus shipping if you want it.

PM’d you.

ok, maybe not $60. i’m not really sure what it’s worth

I’d think around $100 would be good for it.