[FOR SALE] Qu-ax 36" Unicycle, barely used - UK Only

I am selling a Qu-ax 36" Unicycle as sold new here: http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=696

The unicycle has only had a days worth of use, however it was dropped during this time and has been slightly scuffed on the back of the seat and the sides of the pedals, preventing me from returning it. I have no pictures as of yet but will post some shortly or immediately on request.

This unicycle sells for 200 GBP new, so I will start selling at £140.

Feel free to email me any questions at: mattimeo123@hotmail.com or drop me a message on here.

i wanna see some pics, and how much would that be for me here in america

It says UK only.

oh, ya, damn i missed that

I could potentially ship it to the States, but p&p will be a lot. Where about’s are you located so I can get a quote?

I sent you a pm

i live in the states in spokane washington about how much do u think it would cost i am looking for a coker


Is this still available? Unlike the others repying here, I am in the UK.


I am also both interested and in the UK, some photos would be nice.

Also does it have the standard Qu-Ax saddle, or the reccomended upgrade saddle?