[For Sale] Profile Trials

Im Finnaly getting rid of my trials…tears up…Good times iv had with this uni…Its in good condition…the frame looks like total crap right now but if your one that dosnt care about looks youl be fine. its got a yellow fusion saddle on it, some what new maxxis tire, still got great tread on it…its got jimmy c pedals on it, the pins are taken out on one side, for grinding, i still have them though if you want them, tis a double bolt clamp…Im going ot be cleaning it up toamrow and il post pics after, tis got some rust on teh cranks i am going to sand off. I dont know how much it should go for…its definatly USED but works fine, no bends, and they are 577 new on udc, so name a rpice and we will go from there.


All Complaints Due to Frame Uglyness can be addressed to:

Spencer Hochberg
litldude (at) aol (dot) come

shut up, you agreed to it…its not my fault the black sparkly spray paint stuff falls off.

Let me guess…your buying a new trials thats better all around…?

Negitive, I am buying a better muni. I have found for me munis are better for trials type stuff, they are heavyer wich i like because i feel i can guide them better.


Can you please give some idea of the price you are looking at? would you ship to New Zealand? do you know the all up shipping weight? Thanks


i dunno how much it would cost, but yes i will ship there.

where abouts are you? Do you know the weight of it? cos there is a calculator on www.usps.com

I am im Claifornia USA, i dont know the weight of it, if you are intested i can messure and weigh it toamorw and get back to you

Im interested in purchasing the weel only. Could we do that?


any ideas on weight? thanks

Naw, im welling the whole thing. its proly around 15 pounds.

Here are somenew pics of it…

good tred left…

Wow! That frame sure cleaned up nicely! I even looks like new!!! So how did you do that? Also, what kind of pedals are those?

I would say so too if it was the same frame…

Jimmy Cs ith pins taken out on one side, My favotire kind of pedal.

are you selling the nice frame or the old frame w/ the whole uni package?

It depends on how much your willign to pay, the old frame is red now actuly.

is the uni still for sale? im looking for a good trials uni