for sale..............Profile 145mm cranks

these cranks are in great shape.they are also from the original run of 145’s so they dont have that damn hole in the right side crank arm like all the Profile cranx of today.

145mm profile arms (outside 2nd take).jpg

heres a pic of the inside and like i said,there is no hole in the right arm for the chain ring mount.(i wish they all came like this)

since these are some what of a collecters item im asking a $75+5 is always welcome but there is very little that i need.

145mm profile arms (inside).jpg

bump…sure is alot of new threads lately

So Jagur…

What length of crank are you riding on your muni now?


Might I have anything that you need? :slight_smile:

im moving up to 160’s.i just ordered the last pair they had today (im glad they were in stock) ive been doing more climbing latly and the trails at Falls City are getting way NorthShore like.

ive had a few PM offers but nothing set in stone yet.who wants these cranks…? im flexable,make me an offer.


check your pm’s…please…

i did,thanx.that was a hoot.

check the other one where I’m like: “what if they’re not? what If I’m just crazy!?..then all is good…”

I don’t want anyone to get ripped off…
I can get you them for $75 shipped, brand new, black or chrome, you name the length.

But without the chainring nub?

killer! i’ll take a pair of 160’s in chrome without the chainring hole.can you get them to me by this friday? if not how long?

What lengths are available?

on the side of the 3 profile boxes I have these sizes are listed as options


Seriously? Warranty perhaps?

My 145mm profiles dont have the nub either… does anybody know when they stopped making them like this?


I think profile might not offer 145mm cranks to the bmx community due to lack of demand. So they dont waste their time welding chain wheel boses on for unicyclers who dont need them.

that just the way it once was and thats were the small amount of hole’less right crank arms came from.

but somtime last year Profile dicided to go ahead and make 145mm an option for all the smaller 16" BMX bykes and the 20x1 1/8th you see now.So now they all get the hole :angry:

i have talked with John at about this and Profile just wont make them without the hole.i dont understand why since its one less tooling procedure.ive been up and down that road and for whatever asisnine reason Profile just wont tell the guy on the crank machiene “its unicycle day” “and heres the thousand dollar order from” so lay off the hole!

either that or they dont give a crap and know we’ll buy them anyway…

I honestly don’t see what the big deal is - it is just a “style” issue we are talking about. It doesn’t impair performance or durability, right?