For Sale or trade: Triasl/Street frame and Giraffe frame

I have a 20 inch black Bedford street/freestyle frame (fits a trials tire) for sale. $15. Good light frame for trials street or freestyle.

I also have a blue giraffe frame that I got off ebay. I never rode this frame because I never got a wheel for it (that was my intention early on) so I don’t know much about it. It has dropouts. $30.

I also have an old trials tire that I thought I would try here before throwing out, might be good for a project or BC or something. Its pretty worn down in spots. Its a luna. $5 for the trouble.

Buyer always pays shipping.

I’m also looking for a KH post and a coker/36" commuter if anyone has got one kicking around, I’m willing to buy or trade. Coker for an old trials tire seems fare eh?

darchibald_4 (at)

Thanks muchly,

Here is a pic of the stuff. Oh yeah the trials frame has a 3-bolt clamp and the giraffe has a 1-bolt clamp.


I’m interested in the trials frame and the tire. I’m emailing you at the moment.

Email sent about trials frame.

damn someone else got the trials frame before me :frowning: