[For Sale or Trade] blue miyata 20"

For sale: a lightly used blue miyata 20"

-blue “Primo 20 X 2.10 The Wall” tire 85psi
-127mm crank arms
-white Miyata pedals
-lollipop-style bearings
-300mm seat post
-Cotterless crank arms
-Miyata Seat
-28 spoke wheel
-quick release seat post clamp

I will trade this for a Bedford bc wheel with long platforms only or sell it for $185 plus shipping



how much for the seat and seat post

I would really like to sell or trade it as a whole, sorry. :slight_smile:

Like allways, il take the frame.

If someone will buy the wheelset I will sell it in parts as long as everyone agrees on buying it first. If I do, the prices will be:

Seat and seat post-$35
Frame and quick release-$50
Wheel set (including wheel, crank arms, pedals, and equiptment to attach it to the frame)-$100

dont forget to pull the bearings out of the lollys its going to take a special tool.

what do you mean take the bearings out? What does that do?

what i mean is, who ever wants the wheel would probobly want the bearings with it and who ever gets the frame would want the bearing holders.

Miyata bearing holders do not separate easily from their bearings. this is just a heads up, sell it how-ever you like.

wowunicycle, check your PM’s.:slight_smile:

Wow, those are lolis? pft, i dont want those.

Miyata style lolly’s are the good ones… they are much better the ones on cheap ass unicycles.

Yeah well, i want standard.

This item is now available on ebay and not on this forum anymore. Sorry.


its sold