For Sale - Odyssey Jim Cielencki Pedals


I’ve decided to sell my Black Jim C. Pedals. They are great condition, not bent, not stripped, just scratches.

I was think $30 OBO you pay shipping.

Here are some photos I just took.

MSN/Email me at or PM me, or just respond in this thread.


forrest let me ride with a pair of those for trials and i really liked them…
might take them off your hands… let me go through my funds first

Are the bearings sealed?

They are not sealed bearings.

Thats kinda expensive

At danscomp you can get them for $33 with free shipping.

Well, my asking price is $3 cheaper, and if you live in Canada you won’t get free shipping.

I was assuming they were the sealed version if they are unsealed then the price is outragous.


Thats waht happens when you don’t read threads:p

It still applies though.:wink:

I think issac is crazy to sell those for $3 below normal NEW price.


EDIT:But he does this with ANYTHING he sells so, its a trend.

I’d say 15-20 is fare. Nobody will pay that much for a used item. They will dig through their couch and get the new ones.

okay, $20 firm.


if ever you change you mind I have 10 $