[For Sale] Nimbus X Longneck 20" - Like New

Hello there! I’ve decided to sell my 20" Nimbus X Longneck freestyle unicycle. This unicycle is practically new, no hopping or dropping of any sorts has been done on this. I got this unicycle last summer just a few weeks before leaving for college. I couldn’t fit all my unicycles in my dorm room so this one stayed home. I’m working full time now that I’m out of school and don’t have time to ride it along with my coker and muni.

This would be an excellent starter uni for someone looking to get into freestyle or a great freestyle uni for someone already experienced and looking for a new freestyle uni. This uni will prove to be much stronger than your standard Torker CX or LX and I’m only asking for a bit more than the cost of a Torker LX. I’m asking for $130 for this solid like new uni. Here are some pictures I took today:

i already have one of these, so im just saying that ista a great uni, and a good deal

intrested, email me at mkoenig2252@yahoo.com shipping would be to lagrange, ky 40031 if thats possible so let me know!

Hey everyone, it’s still for sale.

roughly what would the postage be to the uk? I may be intrested.

Where in the UK? I suspect shipping to the UK wouldn’t be too great but I can look.

If it changes anything for anyone, I could substitute the KH style saddle for a Miyata style LX seat, though the LX seat isn’t in nearly as good condition as the KH saddle.

lol i just bought the Nimbus X longneck (black) uni from unicycle.com

shoulda bought from you and saved some money…ah well…

Sold. :slight_smile:

Yep I just got it in… and its Great!!! Thanks Brian.

:slight_smile: Enjoy.