[For Sale] Nimbus Trials

I have a nimbus trials for sale. I’m selling it since I got a KH today. if your interested please respond. im probably selling for best offer or mabe trade for bc wheel plus some cash.

Give me a hair more info and I will let you know. Tell us all about it or link to a site with the specs and picture. Thanks

well a link to it is www.putfile.com/onewheeledrider. the cranks are brand new, not been riden once. the ones in the pic have, cuz since ive installed the new ones my camera hasnt been working. how much were u thinking?

Ok, so the cranks are new, and the unit looks good to me. I saw them on Unicycle.com for $180.00US, so I figure with shipping and exchange, I can have it to my door new for about $220.00CAN. I am guessing. So assuming yours is like minty and you won’t ship UPS and they don’t charge me more than what I paid for the package as brokerage, how about $120.00US. Let me know.

if he sends it as a gift often it will slip through without any brokerage fees or border fees.

Would you be interested for buying it for 125 US since i upgraded the cranks, I’ve only had the Unicycle for 4 months, and its in great condition? Cuz thats exactly how much a bc wheel cost, and thast what i want. im broke so i need exactly that? sounds like a deal???

I’ve never sold something on unicyclist, but how does it work?

Sounds good to me, so figure out shipping to K7L 2K4 Postal coda in Ontario Canada and we will add that on. I send you a money order and you send me the uni. Or if you have a Paypal account i can just send you money that way.

sounds like a deal. o btw, i took the pegs of the right pedal so i could grind stuff easier, but if u want a new pedal, i can trade. i haven’t actually riden the new cranks besides testing them for 10 mins, so they have no damage. Oh, also the tire has a small flat mark from bunny hopping, but i recently rotated it. how do i find out the shipping? Everything still on? thanks a lot


Congradulations to who ever over bid me and closed this deal. Someone obviously did, cause Dude won’t get back to me. Enjoy the ride!!!

no one outbid u. do u wanna buy it for 120$

what’s the size? and have you found it on a site for sale anyone? i just want a close up and specs? and you’ll send it with all the parts correct? including pedals

Cough This is from 3 years ago. :wink:

ha good call man. i’m still lookin for a cheap, nice freestyle 20" if you have any ideas just post em up

This is a nice one.

Depends on how cheap you want. The one Steve linked to is expensive because it is an overly stong uni for just freestyle.

If you want a cheap uni to do freestlye stuff then try a torker lx