[For Sale] Nimbus 36" UK only

Im selling my Nimbus 36" it is in exellent condition, I havent ridden it much (probly about 10 miles). Im selling because it is too big for me to ride properly
and I need the money.
Nimbus 36" pc blue twin-fork frame with magura brake bosses.
(I bought this new and it hasnt got a scratch on it)
UDC extra-wide cromo hub. (used but in great condition)
Nimbus double bolt seat clamp.
Nimbus nightrider tyre still got rubber bits coming off the tyre from the mold.
steel 150mm cranks great condition.
Nimbus gel saddle couple of scratches on handle.
T7 handle couple of small scratches with sponge grips.
kh rail seatpost cut down but still has quite abit left. (no scratches)
quax rim has a slight dent over the factory join but i have tryd it with brakes and its hard to notice.(it is the only thing that doesnt look new.)
plastic pedals that have small scratches that are expected.

Im looking for around £200 + postage, I can get pictures for anybody intrested.Also I dont want to part it out just yet.


Did I see UK only? Because of the shipping costs? I’m interested but not sure if logistics make sense shipping back to Boston. Let me know.

intersted aswell

i might be able to buy it if you kept it until i had the money

i live in the uk so easy shipping!!!

I can wait.

Wow that is realy tempting, if I didnt have a road bike and a 29er I would definatly have it. Hmm its my birthday coming up, maybe if its still up for sale after then I will buy it with the cash from my birthday. hmmm

hey man, id offer you £180 plus p&p.

where in the uk are you?

Im in Hull but im looking for more around £200 postage is about £15 i think.

hi could you post pictures

I will get pictures but wriggy has first dibs.

Here are some pictures: